Dura Thread White pērļošanas diegs 50m

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Dura Thread White pērļošanas diegs 50m
Preces kods: DURA50-WH
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Cena: 5.45€
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DuraThread ™ pērļošanas diegs:
- nestiepjas;
- ļoti izturīgs (lieliski piemērots darbam ar asām malām, piemēram, Treasure un Delicas pērlītēm un kristāliem);
- QuadCore 4 Strand Braid tehnoloģija - mīksts un elastīgs diegs - lokains;
- 0.08mm diametrs - piemērots 10 un 12 izmēra adatām;
- 2,7 kg (6 lb) pārplīšanas spēks;
- cena par 50m;
- ražots Lielbritānijā.
A Guide to using DuraThread in your  beadwork

  • DuraThread is a hybrid thread, it’s not fused like Fireline but is much stronger than Nymo or S-lon.  This results in a soft yet very strong thread that gives a beautiful soft and fluid drape to your finished jewellery.
  • DuraThread is particularly good for fringe work and pieces where where you need a softer finish. For pieces where you want a stiffer or more rigid finished effect then threads such as Fireline and Nanofil work well.
  • As DuraThread is not fused it’s important to cut your DuraThread with very sharp beading scissors, this will create a neat ending and make for easy threading. Cutting with damaged or blunt scissors will result in frayed ends which in turn will make it harder to thread onto your needle.
  • DuraThread is not pre-waxed and can be used straight from the spool, however pre-waxing your DuraThread with beeswax or chapstick prior to use will help prevent fraying and will also make for easier needle threading.
  • DuraThread has near zero stretch and is particularly strong, it is made from a thermoplastic polymer called Polyethylene – you can pull it very tight and knot it easily to keep a strong tension on your beadwork.
  • DuraThread is very abrasion resistant and works well with sharp edged beads such as crystals and delicas.
  • Just like with Fireline you may find some colour transference when using black DuraThread, this will easily wash away with soap and water and can be minimized by treating your thread with beeswax or chapstick.
  • DuraThread can be joined by knotting the two ends together, then cutting the ends close together and burning the tails with a lighter, whilst the thread is still warm squish the knot with your fingers and the two ends will fuse inside the knot.
  • Due to the QuadCore braiding of DuraThread, it’s important that you avoid sewing directly through the thread when beading to keep the integrity of the braid in tact.

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